Saturday, December 11, 2010

My Response to the EPA: E15 sign

The EPA recently granted a waiver request to allow the use of E15 in vehicles model year 2007 and newer. It published a proposed rule that is now open for public comment regarding how E15 will be labeled.

With the help of American Coalition for Ethanol -

I wrote the following and would like to share it with you all.

Air and Radiation Docket EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0448, EPA, 

Subject: Comments on Proposed Rule on E15 Labeling (EPA-HQ-OAR-2010-0)
As an ethanol enthusiast, I use a 50/50 mixture of E85 fuel and gasoline in my non-flex fuel vehicle - 2005 Honda Civic. My car runs strong and I am substantially reducing green house gas emissions, while reducing my dependence on fossil fuels.

However, it is not good enough that I am just reducing carbon emissions. In effort to promote a sustainable future that reduces climate change, more people must use higher levels of high octane ethanol in their vehicles. As a result, E15 must be a necessary CHOICE at the pump! New studies show that E15 is completely SAFE for all gasoline engine vehicles, not just 2007 and newer vehicles. Stop adding artificial barriers that prevent customers from choosing ethanol!

Customers must have the right to choose ethanol, without fear and irrational linkages to problems that have no relation to the product. This is why the E15 warning sign should NOT be ORANGE!

Labeling policies should be fair; ethanol and other non-petroleum fuels should not be held to higher standards than petroleum-based fuels.

The color of the proposed label, orange, is typically used for warning or alarm, not informational use. EPA should follow the same guidelines as were used for labels on diesel pumps, and require only that the fuel be identified in a particular font size on a contrasting background.

I believe that the label should be in green and white, with white letter font on a green background and should read, "E15 is safe for all gasoline engine vehicles and helps to reduce green house gas emissions."

In the proposed label, the word "CAUTION!" presents an excessive tone of urgency. No such warning is required for any other fuel, and should not be required of E15.

The phrase "This fuel might damage other vehicles" is unwarranted, as EPA does not have the testing data to make such a statement. By stating that E15 “might” cause damage, EPA is essentially validating unsubstantiated claims of ethanol opponents.

Lastly, there should be an educational sign next to all E15 pumps that explain the BENEFITS of using E15, with regard to its high octane level and reducing carbon monoxides, carbon dioxide, and hydrocarbons. The EPA should also list its website and 1800-number on the sign for consumers.


Kai Nortey

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

E85 Fuel in my 2005 Honda Civic

Cool Ethanol Video:

I like this easy, fun, educational site about ethanol. Please share it!

The Renewable Fuels Standard is a policy that was developed by the federal government to ensure that 36 billion gallons of ethanol is produced by 2022. Now, what is our government doing to make sure that consumers have access to these billions of gallons of ethanol? Many people do not even have access to clean biofuels or ethanol in their city. We must eliminate these artificial barriers that prevent consumers from choosing ethanol at the pump, by demanding more blender pumps at all gas stations.

According to, "The Renewable Fuels Standard is a goal set by the government for increased ethanol production. There's just one set back - a regulatory cap that limits the amount of ethanol blended into our gasoline at 10 percent. New research indicates that our cars will run on higher blends. If the EPA increases this cap only 15 percent, it could create up to 136,000 new green - collar jobs, lower emissions, and make America more energy independent."


Bio-waste to Ethanol: Animation video

I love this ST1 Bioethanol animation video because it discusses "dispersed bioethanol production." This concept shows the importance of having small bioethanol plants set up near bakeries, breweries, dairy factories, and food factories. The waste from these factories can be used for bioethanol production, through fermentation, instead of being sent to the landfill. This process reduces the transportation of waste from point A (bakery) to point B (ethanol plant).

Check it out:

How is Ethanol distributed in Brazil?

Check out this excellent virtual tour and video about how sugar cane ethanol is grown and distributed in Brazil. Learn more by clicking on the numbers that explain the process here:

Propel Fuels - Fueling Change in California

Filling up my 2005 Honda Civic, LX at Propel Fuels in Oakland. I was also excited to wear my Ivory Coast soccer jersey. It matches perfectly with Propel Fuels. Green, Yellow, and Orange are actually many of my favorite colors. I wanted to bring the spirit of international sports and international Ethanol together! It's about international and sustainable biofuels that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Imagine how many millions of children with asthma would breathe better with cleaner fuel.

Whooooh! Let's go E85. It feels good to promote green American jobs in the inner city and in rural areas.
I did not see my 2005 Honda Civic on this information board, for approved FFV, but I decided to trust my mechanic and learn that most gasoline engines built after 1995 can use at most a 50/50 mixture of E85 and gasoline. We can look to Brazil for examples too.

E85 is less expensive than both gasoline and bio-diesel. I also like how this sign makes it clear that Propel Fuels is NOT a Chevron Product, because many people think it is owned by Chevron.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's be the Change We Want to See

The purpose of this blog is to share my enthusiasm for and information about ethanol and cellulosic ethanol with the masses.  I will share my discovery of Ethanol and my personal experiences using ethanol. I also invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with ethanol.

As a lover of life, dance, people, and environment, I am concerned about the real effects of climate change and how to reduce its effects.  I have realized that I want to do more for than the environment than just recycle my trash, compost my veggies, fruit, and tea. While these are still noble efforts, I would like to motivate and inspire others to use ethanol or E85 (85 percent Ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) in their car engines, which is significantly cheaper with steady prices, as compared to gasoline.

Ethanol is an alcohol, that burns cooler than gasoline because it has more oxygen in it. It also burns cleaner, than both gasoline and bio-diesel, because it is a highly oxygenated hydrocarbon. Ethanol has substantially less green house gas emissions as compared to both gasoline and biodiesel. In fact, depending on the Ethanol blend, Ethanol cuts green house gas emissions between 50 to 99 percent as compared to gasoline and biodiesel emissions ( Blume, David. 2007. Alcohol Can Be A Gas. Santa Cruz, CA.: The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, pg 348). This makes Ethanol a great, eco-friendly choice for all consumers at the pump.

The problem, now, is that there are not enough E85 fuel stations around, although they are increasing. You can visit to find the nearest E85 fuel station around you. It is my goal to inspire more people to become inquisitive about the benefits of using ethanol in their vehicles. In addition, I would like to motivate people to purchase an engine converter, that will give your car's engine more brain cells to use  E85 efficiently. I am super juiced about this! This is an inexpensive solution to gasoline, not to mention it was made in America, which stops consumers from being dependent on foreign oil!

One can purchase an engine converter kit from this great website I found:  I will be purchasing mine next week for my 2005 Honda Civic and will share all the details and video of the process!

Looking forward to sharing more about my experience with E85 fuel!

Until then  - Let's Be the Change We Want to See!

We can use an engine converter to take E85!

I am about to purchase an engine converter next week, for my 2005 Honda Civic, so that I, too, can use E85! See, most people do not realize that they can just purchase an ethanol/ alcohol engine conversion set, that attaches to their current engine, in any car!  This helps folks realize that they can benefit from E85 without having to purchase a Flex Fuel Vehicle.

As an eco-friendly person, who recycles, gardens, and composts, I am super juiced, that I can pay only $360.00 for the engine conversion kit, that will allow my engine to have smarter brain cells to take up 85 percent of ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Now, E85 fuel will only cost me $2.55 a gallon, as opposed to rising costs of gasoline at $3.19 or more.I am purchasing it this week from energy expert, farmer, and permaculturalist - David Blume, at

I have attended and learned so much from David Blume's 2-day workshop on "How Alcohol Can Be A Gas," and purchased his amazing book that explains the history,economics, sustainability, and permaculture benefits of ethanol/alcohol in our cars.

I feel good knowing that E85 is not only cheaper than gasoline, but that is reduces CO2 and other green house gas emissions between 50-99 percent (depends on blend type), as compared to gasoline .

We just need the PEOPLE and HARD WORKING PEOPLE to wake up and become inquisitive about E85 and engine conversion kits! It's time that we start learning how to live in harmony with the earth.
If we continue to fail and harm mother nature, we will suffer the horrible consequences. Let us REBUILD AMERICA WITH GREEN JOBS, and ECO-FRIENDLY TRANSPORTATION.

Cellulosic ethanol can help us achieve this. It is on the rise, and can come from our waste (i.e., urban trash, agricultural waste, wood chips, leaves, grass, and veggie compost). Cellulosic ethanol is made by using enzymes that break down the stored sugar from the sturdy plant walls, containing starch.

We all know that Americans have so much waste and yard waste! Let's use this waste for fuel and power people to work!

Let us all WAKE UP and Be the CHANGE, WE want to SEE!