Sunday, September 19, 2010

We can use an engine converter to take E85!

I am about to purchase an engine converter next week, for my 2005 Honda Civic, so that I, too, can use E85! See, most people do not realize that they can just purchase an ethanol/ alcohol engine conversion set, that attaches to their current engine, in any car!  This helps folks realize that they can benefit from E85 without having to purchase a Flex Fuel Vehicle.

As an eco-friendly person, who recycles, gardens, and composts, I am super juiced, that I can pay only $360.00 for the engine conversion kit, that will allow my engine to have smarter brain cells to take up 85 percent of ethanol and 15 percent gasoline. Now, E85 fuel will only cost me $2.55 a gallon, as opposed to rising costs of gasoline at $3.19 or more.I am purchasing it this week from energy expert, farmer, and permaculturalist - David Blume, at

I have attended and learned so much from David Blume's 2-day workshop on "How Alcohol Can Be A Gas," and purchased his amazing book that explains the history,economics, sustainability, and permaculture benefits of ethanol/alcohol in our cars.

I feel good knowing that E85 is not only cheaper than gasoline, but that is reduces CO2 and other green house gas emissions between 50-99 percent (depends on blend type), as compared to gasoline .

We just need the PEOPLE and HARD WORKING PEOPLE to wake up and become inquisitive about E85 and engine conversion kits! It's time that we start learning how to live in harmony with the earth.
If we continue to fail and harm mother nature, we will suffer the horrible consequences. Let us REBUILD AMERICA WITH GREEN JOBS, and ECO-FRIENDLY TRANSPORTATION.

Cellulosic ethanol can help us achieve this. It is on the rise, and can come from our waste (i.e., urban trash, agricultural waste, wood chips, leaves, grass, and veggie compost). Cellulosic ethanol is made by using enzymes that break down the stored sugar from the sturdy plant walls, containing starch.

We all know that Americans have so much waste and yard waste! Let's use this waste for fuel and power people to work!

Let us all WAKE UP and Be the CHANGE, WE want to SEE!

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