Sunday, September 19, 2010

Let's be the Change We Want to See

The purpose of this blog is to share my enthusiasm for and information about ethanol and cellulosic ethanol with the masses.  I will share my discovery of Ethanol and my personal experiences using ethanol. I also invite you to share your thoughts and experiences with ethanol.

As a lover of life, dance, people, and environment, I am concerned about the real effects of climate change and how to reduce its effects.  I have realized that I want to do more for than the environment than just recycle my trash, compost my veggies, fruit, and tea. While these are still noble efforts, I would like to motivate and inspire others to use ethanol or E85 (85 percent Ethanol and 15 percent gasoline) in their car engines, which is significantly cheaper with steady prices, as compared to gasoline.

Ethanol is an alcohol, that burns cooler than gasoline because it has more oxygen in it. It also burns cleaner, than both gasoline and bio-diesel, because it is a highly oxygenated hydrocarbon. Ethanol has substantially less green house gas emissions as compared to both gasoline and biodiesel. In fact, depending on the Ethanol blend, Ethanol cuts green house gas emissions between 50 to 99 percent as compared to gasoline and biodiesel emissions ( Blume, David. 2007. Alcohol Can Be A Gas. Santa Cruz, CA.: The International Institute for Ecological Agriculture, pg 348). This makes Ethanol a great, eco-friendly choice for all consumers at the pump.

The problem, now, is that there are not enough E85 fuel stations around, although they are increasing. You can visit to find the nearest E85 fuel station around you. It is my goal to inspire more people to become inquisitive about the benefits of using ethanol in their vehicles. In addition, I would like to motivate people to purchase an engine converter, that will give your car's engine more brain cells to use  E85 efficiently. I am super juiced about this! This is an inexpensive solution to gasoline, not to mention it was made in America, which stops consumers from being dependent on foreign oil!

One can purchase an engine converter kit from this great website I found:  I will be purchasing mine next week for my 2005 Honda Civic and will share all the details and video of the process!

Looking forward to sharing more about my experience with E85 fuel!

Until then  - Let's Be the Change We Want to See!

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