Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Propel Fuels - Fueling Change in California

Filling up my 2005 Honda Civic, LX at Propel Fuels in Oakland. I was also excited to wear my Ivory Coast soccer jersey. It matches perfectly with Propel Fuels. Green, Yellow, and Orange are actually many of my favorite colors. I wanted to bring the spirit of international sports and international Ethanol together! It's about international and sustainable biofuels that reduce our dependence on fossil fuels. Imagine how many millions of children with asthma would breathe better with cleaner fuel.

Whooooh! Let's go E85. It feels good to promote green American jobs in the inner city and in rural areas.
I did not see my 2005 Honda Civic on this information board, for approved FFV, but I decided to trust my mechanic and learn that most gasoline engines built after 1995 can use at most a 50/50 mixture of E85 and gasoline. We can look to Brazil for examples too.

E85 is less expensive than both gasoline and bio-diesel. I also like how this sign makes it clear that Propel Fuels is NOT a Chevron Product, because many people think it is owned by Chevron.

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