Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Cool Ethanol Video:

I like this easy, fun, educational site about ethanol. Please share it!

The Renewable Fuels Standard is a policy that was developed by the federal government to ensure that 36 billion gallons of ethanol is produced by 2022. Now, what is our government doing to make sure that consumers have access to these billions of gallons of ethanol? Many people do not even have access to clean biofuels or ethanol in their city. We must eliminate these artificial barriers that prevent consumers from choosing ethanol at the pump, by demanding more blender pumps at all gas stations.

According to, "The Renewable Fuels Standard is a goal set by the government for increased ethanol production. There's just one set back - a regulatory cap that limits the amount of ethanol blended into our gasoline at 10 percent. New research indicates that our cars will run on higher blends. If the EPA increases this cap only 15 percent, it could create up to 136,000 new green - collar jobs, lower emissions, and make America more energy independent."


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