Thursday, February 3, 2011

My Birthday - Feb 3rd- Starting the New Year Bright & Green!

I am one of six student recipients and the only California representative to be awarded a scholarship to the 16th Annual National Ethanol Conference:Building Bridges to a More Sustainable Future, in Phoenix, Arizona Feb.20-22, 2011.  The Renewable Fuels Association and the Renewable Fuels Foundation will be providing us with complimentary registration to the conference along with opportunities to network and engage with various stakeholders within the ethanol industry. I am really excited and honored to be one of the recipients of this student scholarship since I am an ethanol fuel enthusiast, seeking to build a career in marketing communications and PR within the ethanol industry.

A big THANK YOU filled with GRATITUDE goes out to Pacific Ethanol, a producer and marketer of ethanol, that will be sponsoring me to attend the NEC conference. Pacific Ethanol will cover the costs of my travel and hotel accommodations. I am looking forward to meeting various industry stakeholders to discuss strategies about how to expand market access to E85. Infrastructure and progressive public policy for the ethanol industry is key. Most importantly, the ethanol industry needs support and momentum by the people - every day working people and businesses to understand the economic, environmental, and health benefits of ethanol fuel. This demand and consciousness is critical and will create the necessary infrastructure changes for the ethanol industry long-term. Propel Fuels, a retailer of both biodiesel and ethanol, greatly understands the need to educate and outreach to its customers.

Propel Fuels is receiving support from the DOE to build and operate 75 clean fueling stations throughout California by 2011, in areas that are convenient for Flex Fuel Drivers.  Ethanol Producer Magazine interviewed Matt Horton, CEO, of Propel Fuels and Horton explained that, '"We think there is a great opportunity in this country to localize fuel production and consumption....One of the barriers for many station owners is just a lack of understanding of the market."' Read more...

This article with Matt Horton is really insightful and gives readers a thorough understanding of how to make ethanol more accessible to flex fuel drivers! I wish Matt Horton would speak at the NEC Conference. I am hoping Propel Fuels can expand its business model to Texas and collaborate with the Central Texas Clean Cities program.  It is time for Texas to turn a new green leaf and become known for its clean biofuel initiatives instead of old dirty petroleum.